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3D Systems Unleashes a Flood of 3D Printers

When 3D Systems first started on its acquisitions spree, there were whispers wondering if the company could successfully integrate so many different corporate cultures into a meaningful whole. If 3D Systems’ display of additive manufacturing (AM) might at Euromold is anything to judge by, it seems as though the company’s strategy of expansion by acquisition has been successful.

Joining its previous announcement of the ProJet 4500 and 5500X, 3D Systems offered up three more new 3D printers during its new product announcement video stream, direct from Euromold. The ProX 300, ProX 500 SLS, and ProX 950 SLA have been added to the company’s burgeoning portfolio of AM systems and services. 

The ProX 500 SLS was just one of many 3D Systems' Euromold releases. Courtesy of 3D Systems.

The ProX 300 is a direct metal laser sintering industrial AM system. It might not be quite fair to label this a new system, as the platform is actually a rebranded Phenix system, but it is new to 3D Systems. The ProX 300 operates via a 500 W fibre laser, with a build envelope of 9.84 x 9.84 x 11.81 in. (250 x 250 x 300 mm). The system offers an adjustable layer thickness between a minimum of 10µ and a maximum of 50µ. Available materials for the ProX 300 are stainless steels, tooling steels, non-ferrous alloys, super alloys, precious metals, and alumina.

Next up is the ProX 500 SLS, an industrial selective laser sintering system. The new (really this time) 3D printer has been designed to use the company’s new DuraForm ProX plastic material, and, according to 3D Systems, boasts over 80% material reusability. The ProX 500 SLS has a build envelope of 381 x 330 x 457 mm (15 x 13 x 18 in.), with a layer thickness of 0.08 – 0.15 mm (0.10 mm). Objects are built using a 100W/CO2 laser, at a build rate of 2L/hr.

“ProX packs in a decade of learning with our leading manufacturing users into the most advanced fab-grade SLS printer available today,” said Kevin McAlea, CIO, 3D Systems.  “With higher production throughputs, better material yields and greater parts precision, the ProX 500 is the first to deliver flexible just-in-time ‘injection molding-like’ parts quickly and economically.”

Last up (for today) is the ProX 950 SLA, an industrial stereolithography AM system with a massive 1500 x 750 x 550 mm (59 x 30 x 22 in.) build envelope. According to 3D Systems, the ProX 950 SLA is 10 times faster than similar systems, rivals CNC accuracy with minimal-waste green process, and has the potential to reduce part costs with its high-volume manufacturing capabilities. The system sports two lasers that work simultaneously to reduce build times, and offers a layer thickness between a minimum of 0.05 mm (0.002 in) and a maximum of 0.15 mm (0.006 in).

“I am both excited and awed by the exponential performance gains that our new ProX 950 delivers,” said Chuck Hull, 3D Systems. “Our customers have been asking for more and bigger functional parts made from engineered performance materials and the ProX 950 delivers. This new, large-format industrial printer magnifies our speed, accuracy and affordability advantages, making it the clear choice manufacturing platform for our customers.”

Below you’ll find 3D Systems’ presentation video from Euromold.

Source: 3D Systems

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