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Formlabs Acquires Online User Community

Formlabs has acquired Vancouver-based Pinshape, an online 3D design community.

Formlabs offers a popular line of stereolithography-based 3D printers, including the recently launched Form 2. Now that the company has established itself as a player in the desktop printing market, Formlabs is expanding into the user community via the Pinshape acquisition.Form-2-printer-three-quarters-Hart

“We’re proud to welcome Pinshape to Formlabs,” said Max Lobovsky, co-founder and CEO of Formlabs, in a press release. “Pinshape is a company that shares the same passion and drive as Formlabs in making sophisticated 3D printing technology widely accessible. Pinshape is one of the fastest growing 3D design marketplaces, and Formlabs wants to make sure Pinshape stays that way. Formlabs is building the biggest desktop 3D printing company in the world, and we want to grow the collaboration part of the ecosystem to the same level.”

The acquisition announcement came not long after Pinshape posted a blog indicating it was going to terminate its services in April after failing to raise enough funds to continue operations. Formlabs executives have said that the community will remain in its present form for the near future.

“3D printing is greater than just Formlabs,” said Dávid Lakatos, head of product at Formlabs. “By connecting Pinshape’s thriving community and rich hub of 3D content to Formlabs’ tools of innovation and resources, we help fantastic designs find form. As 3D printing demand continues unabated among professionals and prosumers, we’re excited about joining forces with Pinshape to extend our reach in the market and ecosystem.”

Pinshape was found in 2013 to provide a platform for designers to share, market and sell 3D designs. The company will operate as a standalone business within Formlabs.

According to a Formlabs blog: “We’ll be working closely with the Pinshape team to ensure a smooth transition, and there won’t be any significant changes to the platform in the short term. Pinshape will continue to host educational content, forums, contests, and much more for their thriving community of 3D printing enthusiasts. We look forward to Pinshape and Formlabs growing together for many years to come.”

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