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Sculpteo Unveils Fabpilot Cloud-Based Printer Management

Sculpteo has unveiled a new centralized, cloud-based software to control and manage 3D printers.

The new Fabpilot solution is a software as a service (SaaS) product that allows third parties to control and manage 3D printers, including nesting orders, preparing parts, and shipping. The software can also optimize and prepare models for printing, track orders, repair files, automatically schedule jobs, and generate invoices.

The software combines a number of existing tools from Sculpteo’s 3D printing services into a single package, and makes them available to users with their own fleet of printers.

The company says the new tool is the product of eight years of research and development, and was designed to be intuitive and user friendly, requiring minimal training and no installation.

“At Sculpteo, we believe that 3D printing is radically changing the landscape of industrial manufacturing. Every day we see this technology’s benefits for our customers,” said Clément Moreau, the co-founder of Sculpteo. “To bring this technology to a wider audience, we have decided to push things further by integrating our own expertise into this software, which is now available to everyone. Technology is nothing without the right tools to use it.”

Users can control and monitor 3D printing processes from any location, 24/7. According to a press release about the product, “Fabpilot offers step-by-step support to the 3D printing workshop operator for every stage of its work. For instance, the files are corrected automatically, the parts are hollowed out as much as possible, within the limits imposed by their mechanical constraints, multiple orders are virtually nested simultaneously to improve production efficiency.”

The software is compatible with 30 different file formats, and can convert them to a format that can be read by most professional 3D printers. The company claims to have reduced 3D printing failure rates by 50% in its own production center using the software.

Fabpilot subscriptions start at $99 per month.

Source: Sculpteo

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